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Donation of Items

Your donated items are the life blood of our organization. As a Non-Profit Organization, the resale of  your donations significantly helps fund our Ministry Programs. We will gladly accept your donations during business hours and at our after hours drop off location.
Please note that your donations may be resold!
We ask that your donations be Usable, Workable and Salable - in good working order. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept clothing, household goods and furniture that is ripped, torn, stained, or has an unpleasant odor, as these items can not be resold and must be discarded.
In addition we would prefer to have your household furniture donated during our normal business hours - please do not place furniture in the after hours donation location.

By Federal and State laws we are unable to accept hazardous materials i.e. Chemicals, Paint, Motor Oil, Empty Chemical Containers, and any Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions or Computer Monitors.
The resale of many children's toys, car seats, cribs, swings, walkers, and highchairs are subject to The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. We are required by law to screen all donated items identified for recall by this agency.
We gladly accept donations 
Monday 9:00 - noon, Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 - 2:00 PM.         We are located at 210 E. Grundy St. Tullahoma, TN. The donation center is located at the rear of the main building and is open during normal business hours. After hours donations may be place in the "Donation Shed" on Poplar Ally. Please donate larger items during normal business hours as we are maned to help with these items.                                 
                       We offer delivery of purchased items from "The Shed".

The delivery charge is $25 and is limited to 5 miles from The Good Samaritan address 210 E. Grundy St. Tullahoma TN We will place delivered items into the homes first floor only, we do not install, setup or connect purchased items. All items placed inside must be able to pass through doorways. We do not remove doors or other hardware. We also will pick up items for donation at no charge! We have a 8 mile limit for pick up of donations. All donations must be boxed, bagged, disconnected or disassembled and placed on the first floor, garage, patio or driveway on the scheduled pickup day. Please call 931 455 7353 to schedule your pickup.
 We thank you for your donations and supporting The Good Samaritan of Tullahoma!

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